How to reduce your web design cost almost instantly?

How to reduce your web design cost almost instantly?

Today, a professional website is a must for all businesses, whether online or offline. 30% of startups fail because they run out of cash. At the same time, 75% of them fail because they scale too fast.
This all points to the fact that if a startup wants to survive long-term, it should minimize its costs.
So how would you get a website designed without the enormous costs involved? If you need a new or redesigned website, there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality.

Make use of free images:

Why spend more when you get the same quality stock photos without paying any penny from websites like, and to name a few.
Cut down the number of pages on the website. Mainly startups should focus on essential website pages. Even the simple web page needs unique content and images. All this takes time, which adds to the cost of the website. If some pages are not necessary or urgent now, you should consider dropping it. You can always add these later if needed.

Use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly!) approach in Content:

Modern websites may contain different types of content like video, animation, gif images, and advanced scripts that enhance user experience. But it all adds to the extra costs. If you still need some fancy stuff, we recommend you to share your budget with the company. This will ensure there are no surprises, and they can plan a solution that fits into your budget.

Reuse content from your old website:

Many companies focus on branding and want everything to be new when they want to redesign the website. Often, this isn’t mandatory. But why to reinvent the wheel when old content can be reused on the new website.

Outsource website design:

Hiring a full-time designer can be extremely expensive. So it is better to work with someone who can provide you with a fixed cost at an affordable price. For example: if you need a basic business website, it doesn’t make sense to hire him full-time and pay him a salary every month. That’s why in some situations it’s much started to outsource. According to a recent study by Deloitte, 60% of companies claim that outsourcing is more cost-effective, especially if you hire overseas..


While fuelling the operation, each penny is important, so a penny saved is a penny earned.
If you are looking for a web design company then you have landed at the right place. Request a free quote today!

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